Zach Bailey

Songwriter / Performer
"'Tough Guy' offers a hard synthesizer texture and a drum that will activate your entire musculoskeletal system, it is soft but has a hit that will raise the temperature of the player a little, his voice will set the tempo, generating a pleasant musical journey."

- Zone Nights (translated from Spanish)
8 Sept 2023
"'Corner Of The Universe', is a... pure and natural piece that gives us chills for its sincerity."

- Indie for Bunnies (translated from Italian)
29 May 2021
"'Corner Of The Universe', is melodic and heartwarming... We particularly like the authentic and unadulterated melancholy that [it] expresses."

- Berlin on Air (translated from German)
22 May 2021
"Performing artist, TIPZY, debuts satirical music video, "COVID Dance,"... [that] features a beat comprised of coughs, Dr. Fauci cameos, grocery store stand-offs and an other-worldly virus depicted by a hot-glued craft poof ball and straws."

- Broadway World Music
1 October, 2020