Zach Bailey

Songwriter / Performer / Recording Artist
"Zach Bailey's recent full band show at a packed Hotel Cafe... enticed with slow-burned guitars, mood-drenched vocals... and a thunderous applause erupted after 'See Ya Next Time' was performed."

- Earmilk
24 April 2024
"Speaking of the feel-good song... See Ya Next Time has an energetic beat that puts you to dance and lyrics that make you look to the bright side of life."

- Metal Magazine
16 April 2024
"Through its giddy and almost euphoric atmosphere, See Ya Next Time presents itself as a very interesting blend of pop-rock, new wave, and even some very soft post-punk elements, offering a jangly and upbeat soundscape that... captures the emotional journey of coming to terms with separation and the hope for a future reunion."

- Rival Magazine
12 April 2024
"The heartfelt and poignant lyrics depict a tale of lost love, while evoking deep nostalgia. You can feel the sadness, but also a glimmer of hope in Zach's haunting voice. Every note, every word is imbued with palpable emotion."

- Iggy Magazine
(translated from French)
28 Nov 2023
"'Corner Of The Universe', is a... pure and natural piece that gives us chills for its sincerity."

- Indie for Bunnies (translated from Italian)
29 May 2021